Haris Alexiou at Istanbul

Haris Alexiou and "Nouveau Sextet" Istanbul Congress Center, November 7, 2014 A show adored by both critics and audiences in Greece, now in Istanbul for only one night! Haris Alexiou along with the musical band, the "Nouveau Sextet" (consisting of top Greek soloists), will give a concert at the Istanbul Congress Center on November 7, 2014. For almost two hours, Haris Alexiou will present songs from her well-known repertoire -- sung in a brand new way -- and create the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable night. Thus, she will reveal the power of her performance, in all its immediacy. The voice of Haris Alexiou is more candid than ever, tearing down the walls of music, and becomes the link between ballads, folk, oriental and artistic songs in the tradition of spirit, everything that made us love her and connect with her. All eras vivid in a program that was born in company with her musicians, gives the feeling that the public is in the centre and in the heart of the music. A motley group of 6 musicians accompanies her (playing more than twenty instruments and singing) and embraces her with a fascinating ethnic-jazz sound The musicians of Nouveau Sextet band are: Thomas Konstantinou, playing oud, guitar, Bouzouki, lute Sotiris Lemonidis, piano , keyboards, flamenco guitar Alexandros Arkadopoulos, clarinet, caval flute Dimitris Tsakas, soprano and alto saxophone, classic guitar, Kostas Konstantinou, double bass Kostas Meretakis, multipercussionset (darbuka, bendir, tambourines, tambour, stamna, cajon, daoul) Singing songs like "Mia pista apo fosforo", "I sinavlia", "Zilia mou", "Teli Teli" and old ones like "Ola se thimizoun", "Mia ine I ousia ", "Di' efhon" as well as traditional ones, Haris Alexiou fascinates and gets fascinated with the musicians that have accompanied her on her concerts the last two years. We are all welcome to follow the sound of her soul. Arrangements: Sound: PAVLOS SAPOUNTZIS, ANTONIS PARAMITHIS Lighting design: PERICLIS MATHIELLIS Haris Alexiou management: OLGA PAVLATOU pavlato@otenet.gr The FB event link is: https://www.facebook.com/events/338680399645432/ Ticket links are: (Turkish) http://www.biletix.com/etkinlik/RKAV5/TURKIYE/tr (English) http://www.biletix.com/etkinlik/RKAV5/TURKIYE/en